Simple VNC connections

Creating a VNC connection Controlling a Raspberry Pi using VNC is a great way to remotely control a robot. But how can you do it? For this project you will »

Micro Python

Python is my favourite language and it has been my favourite for around three years. Why? Well because I understand it and I can use it to make different projects. »

Directly Connecting To a Raspberry Pi

At a recent Picademy Bytes CPD session I was asked by Monica "How can I connect my laptop to a Raspberry Pi?" Good question! Monica was keen to take her »

CodeBug - First steps

I love the CodeBug, it is so accessible to children but yet it provides a platform for more advanced hacking. I was lucky to receive my CodeBug in person from »

Staying sane - Your guide to writing multiple Raspberry Pi SD cards

If you are like me then you probably host a lot of Raspberry Pi themed events. You've probably built up quite a stash of kit, including around 20 Raspberry Pi. »